Saturday, June 20, 2009

In memory of Max Torres on Fathers Day

I just wanted to share my humble thoughts on my friend Max who went home to be with our Lord 8 months ago today. I can remember it like it was yesterday, I am sure like me you all know what you were doing and exactly where you were at when you heard the news of our friend. The disbelief of the news rushed our hearts and minds , surely a man like this would be with us always . In fact since January of 2009 I have gone to Houston Texas and have preached several times at El Tabernaculo and in the past Max would interpret for me and boy was he great , we were like hand and glove . I can remember many times while preaching that Max would be weeping under the anointing, and when Gods hand to save heal and deliver was present he would make sure that those in need responded. Max always wanted the best for the youth and never wanted any to be left behind, he would often go after the worst ones as many of you know to demonstrate Gods merciful hand . Max was definitely a Act 29 man , he was on the move for God doing His bidding and positioning himself before national leaders just to open the door for some unknown . The unselfish manner in which he ministered was noticed by all nationally, congress woman Brown called him a National Samaritan , from the humble streets of the barrios of Houston to the White House . The Police dept. will never be the same because of Max , a motorcycle club was affected because he once again saw a need in humanity and stepped in their world and they will never be the same . The unconventional way he ministered to the lost often drew frowns from the church but he didn't care , he often said," they will figure it out sooner or later".

To many of Max was a father as in 1 Cor 4:15 , he provided guidance, encouragement ,discipline,shelter from tough situations, leadership in ministry, council in the midnight hour . In some sense some would not have made it in ministry today or be in places of employment if not for the spiritual fathering(mentoring). The ability to see greatness in everyone cultivated and gravitated relationships with many of us, he made us feel good about ourselves and life.

In June of 2008 my wife Anna and I experienced the going home of her daddy, Ernest V. Chavez and boy does she miss him. This is not easy for her nor for our entire family, her father was always there for her , and he never disappointed her . Ernest was a great bible teacher , faithful in the word and boy could he pray. In fact when Anna was not feeling well she did not want my prayer , she called her daddy and miraculously she would feel better. Grandpa Ernest was a tremendous trumpet player , we can still here his trumpet when we sing certain songs like Amazing Grace, Just a Closer Walk with Thee, What a friend we have in Jesus. In our 26 years of marriage grandpa and I became very close , in fact he was traveling with me and teaching with me . We would get into deep discussions about the word of God , boy could he teach on the book of Romans and the writings of the Apostle Paul. The cups of coffee in the morning , all the dinners we shared and yes on this Fathers day I miss him with me . This afternoon as Anna and myself and my son Caleb and his son Caleb Jr . went to Rose hills to reflect on daddy and grandpa chulo as lil Caleb called him , I began to hear the echos of our many conversation as we looked at the freshly planted flowers.

Dahlia , Michael, Sean,Joey,and Erik in 2 Tim 1:5,6 the Apostle Paul speaks to Timothy about the faith that was in his grand mother Lois and mother Eunice, and how they demonstrated a life pleasing to God. Paul speaks of this transferring of faith to Timothy," he said I know that it is in you", I was with those two awesome women and there is no way that you are going to get away from the plan of God. Stir up the gift , in other words begin to pray,t then remember how you were taught by your grandma and mom.

Family , on this fathers day remember the teaching of your father , remember how faithful he worked in the church , remember how he led worship , remember how he taught you to be in church always, remember how he served our master to the end.

"There is no monument that society can erect to honor a man greater than a family of sons that carry on a legacy of service passed on to them by their father".

God bless you this fathers day.


  1. Thank you Bro. Elias for honoring Max's memory on this Father's Day and reminding us all of the great man he was and the legacy he left behind. We loved him and will always miss him!

    Jay & Melissa

  2. I have posted a old pict. of Rev. Max on our Blog. Fruits of his Labor. Link:

  3. that is a great picture of Max and his desciples

  4. Thank you Bro. Elias for honoring my husband. He truely was a wonderful father and husband. He always made sure the family had what was needed. He was a hard working man and taught this to his sons. He is truely missed. He certainly loved the youth never wanted to grow old, well God honored that. Thank you for the prayers and friendship towards us, they are much needed. I know I could never fill Max's shoes nor walk the miles he has. But there are a lot of little Max's spread all over this nation that will be reaching out. God Bless You, Ana and family. Thank you for allowing Max and I to be in the front line of Fresh Fire. Awesome God awesome times.